General info

> Downloading the app is free.

> The parent sets the hourly rate of the sitting.

> Payment of the sitting can be made by cash or in one click through the app (provided the Sitter has entered their bank details). When paying through the app, the parent is charged an additional 3% transaction fee on the amount paid out to the Sitter.

> For babysitters: it's always free!


Bsit services are accessible through various subscription plans. All details and prices can be found here >

> All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period. The renewal can be cancelled anytime.

> The Family Pack allows two persons within the same household (i.e living at the same address) to share a single Bsit One or Bsit Plus subscription at no extra cost.

More details on Bsit One and Bsit Plus >

How can I cancel the renewal of my subscription?

Like for the majority of subscriptions, the Bsit subscriptions are automatically renewed. The renewal is displayed twice in the app, the first time on the subscription details and the second time just before subscribing. Once you have subscribed, you receive a confirmation email clearly indicating the automatic renewal and the date on which the renewal will take place.

Obviously, the renewal of our subscriptions can be canceled at any time and at no extra cost. To cancel the automatic renewal of your Bsit subscription:

The subscription will stay active until the end of the subscription period but won't be automatically renewed.

Bsit Care

If your employer has subscribed to Bsit Care, they are offering you full access to all Bsit services. No need to pay anyone but your Sitters! Please note that you still need a valid credit card to use Bsit, even if you plan on paying your Sitter by cash: it authenticates your account to prevent fraud, it allows you to take a complementary insurance and, if needed, it lets you pay your Sitters with the app.