Want to know more about Bsit?

You will find the most frequently asked questions below. If there is anything else you wish to know, do not hesitate to send us an email at support@bsit.com, we'll be in touch shortly!

General info

The babysitting was paid through the app. When will the Sitter receive their money?

To be more flexible and increase user safety, Bsit works with Stripe, a payment company. Therefore, payments can take about one week.

How can I change my address (and other settings)?

Parents: The parents' addresses are not stored in a permanent way as we consider that the place of the sitting can change. You just have to change it when posting your next babysitting request under “Modify these preferences", just before validating your request.

Sitters: Go to "Availabilities" and select "Occasional babysittings". There you can change your availabilities, address...

There is a bug, the app doesn’t work anymore!

First thing you have to do: log out of your account, then back in. In order to do this, just go to your profile (by clicking on your photo) and there, on the right, click on the 3 little bulletpoints!
Still not working? Send us an email at support@bsit.com!

Why don't I receive notifications from Bsit?

Check that you have authorized notifications from Bsit in your phone settings:

How much does Bsit cost?

Everything is explained on this page!

What is the Bsitter Certificate?

Sitters of this group have at least a 4,5 stars average, a verified e-mail, a complete profile, a verified ID and 3 skills. These conditions can evolve and change to further improve the qualification of the Sitters who have this certificate.

How do I delete my profile

Deleting your profile is possible via the app itself:

In accordance to the current legislation, your data will be definitively deleted within the month. (Do not forget to stop your subscription renewal if you are a parent, or switch off your availablities if you are a Sitter!)

Don't hesitate to tell us through support@bsit.com if there is a particular reason for you not to be wanting to use Bsit anymore. Nevertheless, we still hope to see you on Bsit in the future;-)!

Piggy Bank

How does the Bsit Piggy Bank work?

The Piggy Bank allows you to convert your babysitting revenues into vouchers of greater value. For example:

> A parent pays you through the app (e.g: 45€)

> Either you do nothing and the sum goes to your bank account in 7 days,

> Or you keep it in your Bsit Piggy Bank so you can exchange it for a more valuable gift (e.g: a 60€ voucher, which is 15€ saved!)

The Piggy Bank is available to all Sitters with the Bsitter Certificate (see above). Are you already a Bsitter? Then head to the Bsit Shop to see all available gifts!

What's the difference between Revenues, Bonus and Sitties?

Revenues: noun, singular - Money earned with sittings and paid through the app. It will appear on your bank account within 7 days, except if you decide to save the amount in your Piggy Bank to use it in the Bsit Shop. e.g.: "I save my 45€ of Revenue from the sitting I did yesterday, so I can get a gift of higher value in the Shop!"

Bonus: noun, singular - Sum rewarding specific actions carried out in the app (winning a challenge, activating a new parent…). You can combine your Bonus, Revenue and Sitties in the Shop. You can’t cash out your Bonus to your bank account. e.g.: "I got 50€ of Revenue and a 10€ Bonus, so I can choose a 60€ gift in the Shop!"

Sitties: noun, plural - Rewards earned when using Bsit (fill in your profile, receive a good rating, give an Ambissitor code...). e.g: "I'm such at pro at Bsit I have Sitties all over the place. Now I can exchange them for gifts!"

How long can I keep my Revenues in the Piggy Bank?

Revenues can be kept in your Piggy Bank for up to 90 days. It allows you gather the Revenues from several sittings, in order to get a gift or voucher that originally exceeded your budget. After 90 days, these revenues are automatically transferred to your bank account.

Of course, you can also transfer your Revenues to your bank account at any time.