Join a Circle on Bsit

With Circles, you can find Sitters known by families close to yours: parents from your school, sportsclubs, associations... and many more.

For example, you can find Sitters known by other parents from your school:

> Indicate your children's school in the 'My Network' tab

> You'll know if a Sitter is recommended by the other parents during your next searches, under the 'Sitters from my Circles' category!

What Circles can you add?

Your children's school
to see other families' recommendations

Add my school

Your sportsclubs, associations...
to find the other members

Add my clubs

Any other private Circle
that you would like to create or for which you've received a password

Add a private Circle

Your Facebook friends
whether they are Parents or Sitters

Connect your Facebook account

Gens de Confiance
a large network based on trust and civility

Connect your GDC account

It will give you this much more trust for your next babysittings!

Add my Bsit Circles

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